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Building plans that are well-designed and detailed will ensure a seamless build.

Starting a building project cannot be easy if you don’t have the right plans. The plans you end up with don’t have enough detail to allow contractors and builders to see your vision. It may seem tempting to save money by building plans, but this can lead to delays or additional costs later.

Horns Construction believes in making wise investments at a project’s planning and design stages. We are London’s leading house designer and pride ourselves in offering detailed and realistic planning and design, including floor finishes and site plans.

How can we help you?

Our team is highly qualified and has years of experience in design and Construction. We have worked on many London floor plans, including large and small projects. We know what it takes for every stage to be a success. We strive to exceed customer expectations and provide outstanding customer service.

We are familiar with the UK’s requirements for house design plans. We offer a complete package, from obtaining planning approval to providing tradespeople with detailed design sketches. We can assist with all calculations and prepare the documentation required to comply with local regulations. Our project managers can also manage your building site, allowing you to focus on the important things.

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