Best Loft Conversion Builders in London

Loft Conversion Services

You may need to change your living arrangements as your family grows and your interests expand. These changes and the need to expand are part of life; everyone has to adjust as they age. Should you consider changing your surroundings and moving every time these changes occur? Horns Construction has the expertise to make your home more spacious without moving. Your Home may be perfect in every other way, but you wish you had more space.

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Loft installation companies can help you with every aspect of a loft conversion. This includes planning, designing, securing contractors, and managing the work. Our Loft conversion company will work closely with your vision and ensure you are supported and upheld at all stages.

We offer Loft conversion services in London. We know how important it is to find the right place to live for your family and work. We understand that it is important to maintain a normal life at Home. However, we also recognize that loft conversions in London can disrupt people’s daily lives. We can take care of all the planning, chasing contractors and making arrangements so that loft conversions don’t interfere with your daily life.

Horns Construction is not only a loft conversion firm in London. We can also provide carpentry and refurbishments and extensions.

What does the Horns Construction service include?

 Horns Construction does all the pre-build services itself.  Furthermore, during the build phase, it acts as a project manager who supervises on your behalf the carrying out of works by contractors who are directly liable to you.  These building contractors have been vetted by us:

During the pre-build phase, Horns Construction arranges the following:

  • Technical survey
  • Design, full working drawings and structural calculations that comply with building regulations-not required ( I belive we can use the drawings you have)
  • Planning permission if necessary
  • Submissions to authorities or approved inspectors
  • Scaffolding and skip hire
  • The selection of a team of builders and tradesmen to carry out the following works:

During the build phase, the contractors will carry out the following works; Horns Construction will manage and supervise such activities:

  • Full structure including floor, stairs, windows, walls, insulation
  • Carpentry including skirting, architraves, doors
  • Electrical and plumbing work as required
  • Plaster finish
  • Extending existing central heating system in to loft room(s).
  • decoration service Horns Construction